Stocks - Mid Term

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₹ 5500

Half Yearly

₹ 9500


₹ 17000

“STOCKS - MID TERM” service aims to invest in High Growth momentum Stocks for medium term returns. Growth Stocks generally move in strong trend for years multiplying many folds. However, the rise is not straight up. Stocks move explosively for few months, then pause for 4 to 6 months before making next big move. “STOCKS - MID TERM” captures this explosive move. “STOCKS - MID TERM” is ideal for aggressive investors with outlook of 6-12 months and who don’t want to sit through major intermediate corrections in market.


  • Target Return – 50% to 100% per Trade
  • Initial Risk – 20% per Trade
  • Holding Period –6 months to 1 year
  • Research frequency – We try to generate 3 to 5 Ideas every quarter

What you get?

  • Live alert via SMS at Entry Price
  • Precise Entry points & Initial Stop Loss
  • Email newsletter providing rational for Futures Selection
  • Follow up SMS and Email for Booking Profits and Exiting Position

Risk Profile

  • Minimum Trading capital of Rs 50,000
  • Ability to Diversify to 5 to 10 stocks simultaneously
  • Risk taking ability of 20% on each trade
  • Risk taking ability of 20% on total available trading capital
  • Ability to close position quickly if trade does not work out