Stock & Nifty Options

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₹ 6000


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“STOCK & NIFTY OPTIONS” aims to trade liquid & actively traded options contracts of Nifty, Bank Nifty and Stock Options on NSE. Option Buyers have tremendous advantage of controlling large contract size at very small Option Premium. Often, If trend of Underlying Security is correctly identified and options bought in direction of trend, Option Premiums multiply rapidly in short period of time. However, Option premium suffer from time decay. If underlying security does not move rapidly or in expected direction, often Option Premiums lose their value rapidly and may become zero, indicating entire loss of premium. “STOCK & NIFTY OPTIONS” service is suitable for Sophisticated & High Risk traders who have experience of trading options and understand risks involved in options trading. Traders new to options trading should not attempt to trade options without fully understanding risks involved.


  • Target Return – 50% to 100% per Trade
  • Initial Risk – 20 to 50 % per Trade
  • Holding Period – 1 to 10 days
  • Research frequency – We try to generate 10 to 20 trading Ideas per month

What you get?

  • Precise Entry points & Initial Stop Loss
  • Email newsletter providing rational for Futures Selection
  • Email newsletter providing rational for Commodity Selection
  • Follow up SMS and Email for Booking Profits and Exiting Position

Risk Profile

  • Minimum Trading capital of Rs 2,00,000
  • Ability to hold 2 to 4 Options contracts simultaneously
  • Risk taking ability of 50% on each contract value
  • Risk taking ability of 20% on total available trading capital
  • Ability to close position quickly if trade does not work out