Equity Income

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₹ 3000


₹ 6500

Half Yearly

₹ 11000


₹ 17000

“EQUITY INCOME” service aims to trade highly liquid stocks which are in strong uptrend. Stocks are volatile on short term timeframe and provide many opportunities to capitalize short term explosive moves. However, risk management is critical for profits in short term trading. Tight Stop Loss is a must to contain small losses and lock in big profits.” Equity Income” is suitable for very aggressive high risk traders who are looking for short term and fast moves.


  • Target Return – 10% to 30% per Trade
  • Initial Risk – 5 to 10 % per Trade
  • Holding Period – 2 to 6 months
  • Research frequency – We try to generate 3 to 5 trading Ideas per month

What you get?

  • Precise Entry points & Initial Stop Loss
  • Email newsletter providing rational for Futures Selection
  • Follow up SMS and Email for Booking Profits and Exiting Position

Risk Profile

  • Minimum Trading capital of Rs 2,00,000
  • Ability to Diversify to 5 stocks simultaneously
  • Risk taking ability of 10% on each trade
  • Risk taking ability of 10% on total available trading capital
  • Ability to close position quickly if trade does not work out