The Advisory Managed Portfolio service is for clients wishing to retain control of their investment portfolio, but want the advice and support of a Professional Investment Advisor on a regular basis. We will monitor your portfolio and make recommendations when appropriate.

You will already have agreed your investment objectives, acceptable securities to trade & invest, your attitude towards risk and your investment timeframe. For direct trading or investment in equities, equity derivative, commodities or currencies, you will open your trading account with the broker with whom we have prior arrangement for trade execution. You will then be contacted for your explicit approval for each and every investment & trading decision. Therefore, you still have all of the benefits and contact of a Professional Investment Advisor, with regular monitoring and proactive advice but with the final decision remaining with you.

Your investment may be funded either from cash or by transferring existing investments to your trading account, or a combination of both. Investment required: In this service, we give advisory with a minimum Investment of Rupees 20 lacs Fee Structure : Clients are charged combination of Fixed Fees and Performance Fees:

A)Fixed fees: Clients are charged a fixed fee of 2.5 % annually on the portfolio corpus. The fee will be payable every quarter in advance. b) Performance Fee : Performance Fee will be charged after crossing of Minimum Hurdle rate of 10% Return. Performance fee will be calculated at the end of Financial Year. Performance fee will be decided on mutually agreed rates & terms based on size of your portfolio.

If you are interested in this service and would like further information please contact us directly on 7028159879 or write to us on [email protected]. We are also required to go through compliance process with you if you take up this service and need to meet you in person.