INVESYS research combines advanced TECHNICAL and FUNDAMENTAL analysis of markets. Wealth creation happens by price appreciation of Investments. Hence, we place more importance on analysis of price trends i.e. TECHNICAL ANALYSIS.

Our TECHNICAL research is focused on two critical aspects of investments success:

  • TREND: Financial markets move in trends. We identify beginning of major trends in markets. Stocks or Commodities with stronger trends are selected. Possible extent of profits is quantified and Reward to Risk ratio is defined. Investments with stronger trends and best Reward to Risk ratio is selected and presented to you.
  • TIMING: In Market, timing is everything. It is of paramount importance that markets move in your favor after investing. We select the best possible entry timing so that you can see steady gains after investment decision.

Our FUNDAMENTAL research focuses on analyzing fundamental situation of markets. In case of stocks, financial health of the company is analyzed. It’s past and future business growth is quantified. Stocks with stable and steadily growing financial parameters are selected for investments.