About Us

Welcome to INVESYS, your guide to investment success.

INVESYS is an investment research group providing high quality and professional research for stocks and commodities. At present, we offer research for Indian stock markets (NSE, BSE), Indian Commodity Market (MCX, NCDEX) and American Stock Market (NYSE, NASDAQ).

INVESYS is driven by vision to help every single investor achieve their investments goals. Established by group of investment professionals having over a decade of investment research and trading experience,we understand the market and its trend better. We know the systems and strategies that work in market. We understand the risks in market and how to avoid them. We analyse markets using high end, cutting edge technology. We combine our proprietary knowledge and experience to provide timely and convenient research to client.

INVESYS is committed to investment excellence. Our vision is to be GLOBAL Research Company and provide research for Stocks, Commodities as well as Currencies across the world.

You will benefit from our supreme quality, timely research and excellent customer service.

We make sure your investment journey is successful and rewarding. So, rely on us and invest now for a prosperous future. For more details about our services, please visit services section.

Meet The Team

Each and every one of our team member represent the spirit of our company. Meet our highly motivated, well trained and experienced INVESYS TEAM !!

Zafar Shaikh
SEBI Registered Investment Advisor (SEBI INA000009904)
FOUNDER, CEO and Chief Trainer

ZAFAR is the FOUNDER and CEO of INVESYS CAPITAL. He is Mechanical Engineer by qualification. He is professional trader since 2005 and trades for his own proprietary account with phenomenal success. He has mastered Technical as well as Fundamental analysis of stock market, though he relies mostly in technical analysis. He believes that trader or investor should be concerned only about price and each chart has a story to tell. He is passionate about markets. He has read hundreds of books about trading and learned various techniques like Elliot Wave, Gann Theory, Chart patterns etc. However, over a period of time, he realized that to make consistent profits from market, one needs clear and objective rules for various decision points like stock selection, entry, stop loss and exit. Hence, combining years of experience, he developed his own method for systematic rule based trading. This method is based on core structure of the market and is universal in nature which can be used for trading as well as investment. It works wonderfully in all types of markets like stocks, commodities and forex. Also, he likes and researches on the subject of trading psychology. He practices affirmative self-talk and meditation to stay focused during heat of the market.

Alfiya Shaikh
Marketing Head.

ALFIYA is head of Marketing and Customer Service at INVESYS. She is Graphics and Animation expert and enjoys making beautiful graphic designs and videos. A perfect blend of creativity and technical wizardry. At INVESYS, she is in-charge of servicing each and every client and makes sure that they are satisfied with our training programs. She loves talking to clients and helps them with their queries.

Ravi Kumar
Research Associate.

RAVI is research associate at INVESYS. He has over two decades of experience in broking industry. He has seen all the ups and down cycles of stock markets and understands trader's psychology very well. He is passionate about charts and expert on various technical indicators. He is always experimenting with systems and fine-tuning indicators to make them perform even better.

Nilesh Khumkar
Research Associate (NISM – Research Analyst)

NILESH is research associate at INVESYS. He is Computer Engineer and expert at coding. He is passionate about markets and left the comfort of IT job to learn his trade about trading and investment. He has developed and coded various strategies and risk management tools for proprietary trading. He is expert at data mining and pulls out exact data about what is happening behind the price action.

Taiba Bodale
Customer Care Executive

Taiba is customer care executive at INVESYS. She is B.Com and fresh out of college. She has Diploma in Investment Banking. She has keen interest in Stock Market since her college days. She loves to take a plunge in any responsibility given and makes sure to meet all challenges and complete the job at hand.